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Him or Me

Chapter 3: First Date

Riku lies, Sora gets off and Axel doesn't know how to fix ANYTHING

"Well… this is a surprise…"

"Morning, Riku."

The silver haired male really didn't think Sora would call him, let alone this early, but here he was, phone in hand, the brunette's slightly high pitched voice on the other end. "What can I help you with, Sora?"

"… I wanted to know if you wanted to go to the fair with me."


"There's one on the Island's every summer and I was going to ask-" a slight pause. "I was going to ask my boyfriend, but he's busy. Would you come with me?"

Riku then realized he didn't like the term, my boyfriend, coming from Sora. "Yeah sure. I've got nothing to do today."

"Thank's Riku! I'll meet you at the beach right? Around… 6?"

"Yeah sure." He hung up the phone and collapsed into his unmade bed he didn't even get out of yet. Turning his head, Riku looked at the clock on his night stand to find the numbers 10:00, flashing back at him in red. The phone call had woken him up earlier then he wanted to, but of course, if he had his way he'd be sleeping until 5pm. Now he really couldn't get to sleep.

Sora was something he needed to try and think rationally about. He had a boyfriend, one he'd probably been seeing for months, if not years and here he was, calling Riku up for a date, sleeping with him and kissing him on the beach. Was this all just some kind of joke to him? Shouldn't it be to him? Shouldn't he be sleeping instead of trying to think rationally about this?

The silver haired male almost groaned out loudly and wondered if he could even ask any of his friends about this… of course, Maybe Axel… or Zexion, Axel couldn't keep a secret. Of course if he did ask Zexion, the moment Demyx caught wind something was going on, he'd ask the small guy and Zexion would cave. Always would if it came to Demyx.

Maybe Axel was the best choice… maybe he should stop thinking and go to bed, treat this like a summer fling. Even if Sora smiled at him in that way that made him not think of going home to his douche brothers and his shitty father and the annoying mundane that ways his life. With Sora, it seemed there was nothing ever to bother him and Riku loved that quality about him.

Summer fling, summer fling, summer fling. Riku sighed, draping his arm over his eyes. Stop over analyzing this. Even if you do, you'll scare him away... I mean it's not like he would leave his boyfriend for you… Why would he leave that guy? The blonde who apparently was famous or something… Something I could never be, a happy go lucky guy with everything going for him…

Fuck my life.

Sora started at his phone for hours. Well… maybe hours was an exaggeration but it sure felt like hours at least. He was feeling things he couldn't name but he could recognize the two strongest ones, happiness and fear.

He was attracted to Riku, that much was perfectly clear, but he was also afraid of him and not in the 'he could beat me up kind of way' but the 'he's making me think about things I never thought I would before', which was terribly true.

Tidus was once more missing and would be until tomorrow night, planning on doing some kind of overnight training camp for the Blitzball team and Sora found the perfect moment to be with Riku. And Sora looked around the room, he felt himself become guilty.

What would my life be like without Tidus? … I wouldn't be living in such a nice place with all the pleasures a lot of other people don't get… cuz I feel in love with Tidus and now I'm… cheating on him with Riku.

"Ugh!" Sora pouted, close to just flipping his table over and calling it a day. What else could he do? The situation was too confusing and although he decided to just go with the flow for now, that wasn't safe! Tidus would find out and what if he hated Sora after? What if they broke up? What if he had to move out?

Life without Tidus was unimaginable! Tidus… Tidus was like the sun, bright warm and necessary because without him, the brunette was sure he wouldn't survive. He hadn't been without Tidus since he was 3, and he couldn't imagine it being like that ever. Getting up, Sora walked over to his closet and stared at the clothes it carried, trying to calm his mind.

He had a date to get ready for, after all.

Which didn't really take him long at all. The longest part was the shower because mostly, Sora stalled. He didn't really want to get out and deal with the rest of the getting ready when the water was so warm. So he stalled, stalled as long as he could until every part of his body was clean and the water was just wetting him to wet him.

Eventually, Sora stood under a waterfall of water, allowing his eyes to close. He quickly saw Riku, the silver haired male looking down at him, pale skin gleaming, clearly lacking in clothes, a memory from an otherwise blurry night, when Riku took Sora to his room and…

Eyes snapping open, Sora stared at the wall in front of him in shock. He wasn't one to think about that kind of stuff in the shower and who would have thought the memory would have come back so clear and so vivid, as if it would have been last night. But it was there, in the back of his mind, staring him in the face, waiting for him to do something about it because the blood was slowly rushing between his legs.

Sighing, Sora did the first thing that came to his mind and grasped himself firmly in his hand, slowly stroking himself evenly as water moistened his skin. He pictured Riku's own large hand grasping him, stroking him, his own slightly calloused hand the smoother texture of the older male's hand. In his head, Riku was there, wet and dripping, his hair falling over his eyes as they lowered, looking at him through long eyelashes while he moved.

"Hnnggg." The rhythm was picking up without either realizing it until Sora was crying out softly, his hips moving towards his hands, faster and faster…

"R-Riku!" He moaned loudly into the silent room, eyes shut tight as the feeling crashed over him, the fantasy he created slowly fading into reality when his eyes opened. Panting out slowly, the water washed away the evidence, Sora got out of the shower hurrying to finish getting ready with a pleased grin on his face.

He was so close to leaving, he had the door handle him his hands, but unfortunately the door was not quiet at all and felt the need to squeak as he pulled it open. "So, where are you going?" Axel asked, sitting in the living room with Demyx and Zexion, all of their eyes locked on the TV screen.

"Out." Riku had replied simpily, looking casual enough, some jeans, a t-shirt, jacket, and his hair pulled up. He shut the door, figuring this was going to take some explaining when Axel turned to look at him.

"Out, where?" The red head pried, getting up from his seat to walk over and confront his friend face to face.

Riku gave an exasperated sigh and leaned against the closest wall he could while still looking at his friend. "I um… I have a date."

"What?" Axel asked, confused. His eyes had widened, in shock with Riku didn't blame him for. He had known the red head for years and had always told him everything. To have a date that he didn't tell him about first was odd. "You met someone? A guy or a girl?"

"A guy…" Riku replied, standing up again. "I'm going to be late if I don't go soon, though."

"Yeah, yeah sure." Axel smirked. "But can I know who they are?" Riku looked at him silently, wondering what he could say. Since, after a few moments he couldn't think of what to say, Riku just stayed quiet, looking at the boys green eyes while Axel searched his own for the answer. "… I see then…"

"I have to go." He opened the door quickly, waving to Axel before shut it behind him. The beach wasn't that far from his house, so walking wasn't a big deal and actually refreshing, giving him time to think. He felt bad, extremely bad… horrible. He should have said something to Axel, but he was seeing Roxas now and Sora and Roxas were related. He couldn't have Roxas knowing what was going on. This whole thing was dangerous.

When his shoes hit sand, lights got his attention. The silver haired male looked up, bright colors and lights flashed on his face from the distance and Riku could see Sora running towards him, pointing to the lights in excitement. "That's it! That's the fair!" His smile was blinding and he had the cutest expression Riku had ever seen by the time he actually got to him. "You ready?"

"Of course." He replied, smiling gently as Sora grasped his arm and pulled him toward the fair. Riku watched the rides and lights get closer and closer, the smell of popcorn and candy in the air, the mechanic sounds of rides getting loader as they approached, and with each step, Sora got more and more excited.

And it was like that for the rest of the night. Sora dragged him around, on the rollercoaster, on the Ferris wheel, to the games, where Riku actually ended up winning a stuffed animal the size of a full grown dog, and anywhere else the hyped up brunette wanted to go. And Riku didn't mind it. Anyone else, he would have been moody and grumpy but Sora's cheer was infectious.

The two ended up sitting on one of the slower rides, a train that went around the fair and back, next to each other, the stuffed animal on Sora's right for safe keeping. "Hey, Riku?"


"Thanks for coming with me." Sora turned to him and smiled that blinding smile that Riku didn't know existed until he had met the boy. "…T …Tidus was going to take me, always says he will, but Blitzball gets in the way. I had fun."

Riku nodded, his eyes on Sora's lips. Seeing him happy did something to him, something that was quite bad for a summer fling, and leaning in, Riku kissed him slowly. The smaller boy didn't react at first but when he did, Riku sighed. Going home was going to suck after tonight…

"Want to come over? T-Tidus is gone for 2 days…" Sora pulled away slightly, just enough to ask his question in a hopeful manner.

Well, look at his luck. Riku nodded, leaning in to kiss Sora again as the train stopped. The brunette got up, taking the plushie with him and jumping out of the ride, turning to look at Riku. "Come on! The fair's closing soon."

Smiling despite himself, the aqua eyed boy followed his small companion, running to catch up with, which only made Sora run faster out of the lights and dizzying rides, across the beach until they found themselves at a house, twice the size he had expected. "Oh… wow…"

"This is where we live." Sora shrugged, opening the door with his key and moving to let Riku in first. He turned on the lights while the taller boy looked around, dumbfounded. "I mean, I used to live with Roxas, but… you know."

It was obvious of their money, which shouldn't have surprised Riku so much, but it honestly did. Large foyer, larger big screen TV with comfy looking couches and a walkway leading into a kitchen with marble counters. Something you would expect from a sports star and Riku felt jealous.

"It's big and everything, but it gets lonely with… Tidus being gone all the time."

Ah, something he had over that blonde, Sora was here now, with him, turning to him for comfort and not his boyfriend, who he always paused before saying the name of. Riku turned to look at Sora while he shut the door, taking his arm once it was shut and pulling him closer. Colliding with Riku's chest, Sora hugged him tightly, hands fisting in his shirt as if holding on for dear life.

"Hey." Riku said softly, pulling Sora's face up to look at him. "I can spend the night, right?" When he nodded, a smile cracked the taller male's paler face. "Good. I didn't plan on leaving but at least I have your approval." Taking off right where they stopped, Riku kissed the boy in his arms again, his hands moving down and groping the boy's ass.

Pulling away, Sora smirked at him, eyes light with amusement. "I didn't say you were getting any when I said you could stay."

"We both know what you meant, Sora." Riku replied, raising an eyebrow. "Don't try to pretend we didn't." The smaller boy pouted, his hands on Riku's shoulders, pulling him closer. Without warning, Sora pushed his hips against Riku's, his hands now tightening on his shoulders. "Ah, fuck."

"So maybe you were right." He practically purred against his ear, kissing his neck slowly. "I didn't think you'd be so quick to jump at the chance to fuck me though."

"Why wouldn't I be?" Riku asked, seemingly appalled at the thought of waiting. "It's been, maybe, 2 days since we fucked!"

Rolling his eyes, Sora laughed as Riku gathered him in his arms, pushing him against the door, pulling his legs to wrap around his waist before kissing Sora again, an impulse he didn't seem to be able to stop, and slide his tongue into his mouth, forcing the brunette to cooperate. He got him to moan and whimper, tilting his head to get better access, and arch to his touch, allowing Riku to pick him up, carrying him away from the wall and upstairs to his bedroom.

Sora laughed as Riku pushed him down on his bed and climbed on top of him, kissing him repeatedly, moving slightly to kiss down his chin to his throat, making the other male tilt his head up to give Riku better access. The older male's hand moved low and suddenly rubbed against him, making the boy arch. "Hmmm, Riku."

His hands where tangled quickly in long silver hair, pulling him closer. Sora, whose eyes where shut in pleasure, opened them and looked down at him before shivering and sitting up, pushing Riku off of him. "What?" He asked in confusion, watching the smaller male roll them over, pushing Riku to his headboard and straddling the seated guy, hands on his shoulders, smiling down at him. "Sora…"

Hands on his hips, Sora pulled his shirt over his head, rolling his hips against Riku's. "Sora." He gasped, grasping onto the brunette's hips. Sora smiled, continuing the motion, pressing him hardening penis against the silver haired male's, who began tugging at Sora's pants, stopping him from moving to get his pants unbuttoned and unzipped and pull them down, making Sora hurry to do the exact same thing to him.

"You have lube or lotion or something, right?" Riku asked, once the brunette pulled down his underwear right after he had done the same to him, leaving them both pretty exposed. Sora nodded, moving in to kiss Riku's skin, and pointed to the side table to the right. Riku struggled to pull away from soft lips and warm skin but he managed, moving little from his seat as he reached over. Once his hand opened the drawer and pulled out the tube he needed, Sora yanked him back, grasping the shirt and pulling it off of him, nibbling on his neck and continuing to push his hips to Riku's.

"Hurry up." He panted against the slender, pale neck. "I need… you… inside…"

Riku groaned in his throat, opening the bottle and pouring some onto his hands. "Soon enough." He breathed, his clean hand grasping chocolate colored spikes and pulling his head away, focusing on Sora's face as his other hand moved to his back, sliding down until he found the rounded skin of Sora's ass and slipped on of his fingers inside.

The face in front of him twisted in pleasure, mouth slightly opening as a groan came from parted lips. "Hmmmm, Riku." Once again, it was fairly easy to stretch him and the silver haired male had to wonder how long it had been since Sora and Tidus were together. The thought made him angry without quite knowing why.

He slipped in another finger, continuing to move his fingers inside of him, trying to take pleasure in watching the boys own face as he crumbled to him, whimpering and moaning, demanding more, more, more. Well, he'd get what he asked for.

"AH! RIKU!" He screamed, arching his whole body enough to push himself against Riku again. "T-THERE! AGAIN!" Riku smirked, noting the spot he just located before pushing a third finger in and finishing the job.

Pulling his fingers out, he didn't even have time to grasp thin hips before Sora pushed himself completely down onto Riku. "FUCK!" The taller man cursed, his head falling forward onto slim shoulders as he panted. "You're… too fucking… tight… give me… a minute."

Sora had the nerve to laugh softly at him, but he obediently stayed still, his hands stroking Riku's long hair until the other male would feel the need to move. It was tender in a way, something Riku imagined real lovers doing and once more he felt that burning anger that seemed to come up whenever he thought of Sora and Tidus.

"Sora, More." He ordered, his hand moving from Sora's hair to meet his other at his hips and pull him up before slamming him back down. Breath hitching, Sora writhed, lifting himself up again before doing the same, riding Riku as aqua eyes watched him, enjoying the expressions on the tanned face with large bright blue eyes. He had Sora now, not Tidus. Tidus wasn't here and it was just him and Sora in the bed the Blitzball player slept in every night.

A self assured smirk and Riku rocked his hips with Sora's, groaning at the feeling, feeling the control slipping as he started to go faster and faster. "Harder, Riku, please." … and harder, who could say no to that? The withering mess in his lap moved in the quickest way to please himself, hard and fast, moaning and begging Riku for everything he could give him.

"Oh, oh… Riku, hmmmm, more!" The voice was taking with it Riku's control, stripping him of what he tired desperately to hold onto, the anger he was feeling completely gone as if it had never existed.

"Does it feel good?" He asked, keeping his voice steady. "You look… so cute like this, Sora."

"Ah, hmm… Riku." The silver haired male shivered. Delicious. Sitting up, Riku pushed the brunette down, bracing himself over the smaller body and pumped his hips more so than before, making Sora nearly scream, Too good… all of it too good. "R-Ri, AH! Riku… I'm… I'm…"

He grabbed the erection between them, nearly forcing Sora into orgasm, the warm liquid flowing between them, making Riku lose it himself. "Sora…" He filled Sora with everything he had, snapping his hips again and again until he couldn't anymore and collapsed, moving to the side so Sora could stretch his legs.

He watched the man next to him slowly regain his breathing, his head turning to look at him before leaning in to kiss him once more softly and smiling in a way that would melt his heart if he stared at it too long. Riku kissed his forehead and watched Sora grab blankets and cover the two of them before curling into his neck and falling asleep, leaving Riku to stay awake more confused than anything.

I… I love him don't I? It hasn't even been that long! This is stupid… I…

… I don't want Tidus to come back…
Hello guys! I've gone on this account because I missed it and I realized something. Most of you followed me for my stories, if you'll all still there, so I think Imma use this account for my fanfictions! I of course will be writing Kingdom Hearts ones but there's some Dangan RonpaxReader inserts I've been doing too so all Fanfictions will now be used for this page! and I REALLY wanna change my name but I'll deal with that when I get to it lol

If you watch my art, follow :iconcaptainbatbrain:

Beyond this little PSA... how is everyone?? lol I miss many of the people I used to talk to TT^TT
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Hello guys! I've gone on this account because I missed it and I realized something. Most of you followed me for my stories, if you'll all still there, so I think Imma use this account for my fanfictions! I of course will be writing Kingdom Hearts ones but there's some Dangan RonpaxReader inserts I've been doing too so all Fanfictions will now be used for this page! and I REALLY wanna change my name but I'll deal with that when I get to it lol

If you watch my art, follow :iconcaptainbatbrain:

Beyond this little PSA... how is everyone?? lol I miss many of the people I used to talk to TT^TT
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